Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Wearable Soakers

Hello readers!
Today I want to show you a curious looking item I received from BornPrettyStore  that can come in handy, Wearable Nail Soakers

The packaging indicates that it can be used for soaking artificial nails in acetone & also for soaking in any desired soaking liquid or treatment. To test them out I filled them with water and cuticle oil. Once I put them on my fingers I let them soak for about 5 minutes. The liquid stays locked in allowing you to move around if you need to.
If you want to use any liquid treatments or soak your nails in acetone while still being able to move around the house this is a really neat option. You can get these at BornPrettyStore for about $6.75. 

Thanks for looking & Happy Lacquering!

Edit: An important thing to mention which I forgot to say was that in order for the liquid to not leak these fit in rather tight. When I took them off I had the line  market on my finger for a while, but I'm hoping they stretch out a bit with use so it stops happening.

Disclosure: This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.



I wanted to get these!! But i wasn't really sure but Now I think I'll get them :)

Ivana said...

It looks funny, like a robot. :D

10thingsaboutagirl said...

I've been eyeing these on eBay for a while but wasn't sure whether to get them or not. I think I will now. Thanks for the post ;)

LacquerObsession said...

@ Vermilion Art & 10ThingsAboutAGirl happy to help!
@ Ivana haha it reminded me of episode 15 of season 3 from Friends when Joey puts olives on his fingers :P