Saturday, November 6, 2010

Giveaways I Know About .. Nov 6th Update :)

So since some of you only get the RSS updates here's an update of the giveaways I have in the giveaway tab, you can go to it directly here

  • from All You Desire CG Giveaway (till Nov 6) 

  • from AurorasNails Purple Giveaway (till Nov 10) 

  • from PolishInsomniac 500 followers giveaway (till Nov 15) 

  • from Beautopia Win Apothica Gift Card (till Nov 14) 

  • from GildedNails Giveaway Rescue Beauty Lounge (till Nov 15) 

  • from Xsparkage China Glaze Naughty or Nice Giveaway (till Nov 11) 

  • from EmeraldSparkled 1000 followers giveaway (till Nov 15) 

  • from PimpMyNailz My MNY Giveaway (till Nov 18) 

  • from DailyPolish 365 days of polish giveaway (till Nov 19) 

  • from Mon Coin A Moua Quick Giveaway (till Nov 20) 

  • from Painted Lady Fingers Ladies Choice  of Eight Plates Giveaway (till Nov 24)

  • from Witoxicity Giveaway Koh & Co (till Nov 26) 

  • from Nailasaurus 300 follower giveaway (till Nov 27) 

  • from Katrinas Nail Blog Woo Hoo Giveaway (till Nov 28) 

  • from KONADomania 700 followers giveaway  (till Nov 30th) 

  • Check them out & Good Luck!!


    Lisa said...

    Wow, thanks for telling all those cool giveaways, thanks ! :D

    LacquerObsession said...

    you're welcome! :D