Thursday, November 25, 2010

a bad kitty at the drive in :)

Here is "Drive In" (a metallic red) from China Glaze's Retro Diva Collection that I got from the Prim and Polished's BeautyTicket Giveaway.

And with a coat of "Bad Kitty" (pink glitter) from China Glaze's Glitters, Shimmers & Cremes Collection on my ring finger. 

I hope you liked & thanks for looking!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

update on ongoing giveaways!! .. nov 21st

Once again since most of you probably only check out the RSS feeds like me :P here's a post with what is normally on my giveaway tab :D

Go check them out & good luck to you all!!
Happy Lacquering Everyone!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prizes from Prim and Polished's BeautyTicket Giveaway

Today I got these 6 gorgeous China Glaze polishes from Prim and Polished's BeautyTicket Giveaway!!

The glittery ones "Solar Flare", "Luna" and "Bad Kitty".

The metallic ones "Drive In", "Cords" and "Metallic Muse".

I can't wait to swatch these!! :D

Thanks to Prim & Polished and BeautyTicket for these!

Happy Lacquering Everyone!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sinful Colors - "What's Your Name"

This week's manicure: Sinful Colors "What's Your Name", black with purple & blue shimmer :)

Photo of "What's Your Name" from

My Photos :D

The shimmer is barely noticeable but it's there. 

Thanks for looking & Happy Lacquering!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Four Leaf Clover

This week's manicure starred "Four Leaf Clover" from China Glaze's Up & Away Collection.

And to add some interest and sillyness I added some stamping :) I used the polka-dots from the Konad plate m79 and the cat from the BundleMonster plate BM04.

Thanks for looking & Happy Lacquering!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pink & Glittery

This week's pink glittery manicure!

I used "Fiesta" from Orly's ¡Viva! Collection with 3 coats of a multi-colored glitter by Borghese from the "Serena" Nail Lacquer Mini Kit. 




Looks like confetti!! :D

I hope you liked it & thanks for looking!
Happy Lacquering Everyone!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

China Glaze "Ingrid" + Borghese

Here's "Ingrid" from the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection.

& with a coat of this pretty Borghese from the "Serena" Nail Lacquer Mini Kit

It look nice but not really my type of color. 

Thanks for looking & Happy Lacquering!

Giveaways I Know About .. Nov 6th Update :)

So since some of you only get the RSS updates here's an update of the giveaways I have in the giveaway tab, you can go to it directly here

  • from All You Desire CG Giveaway (till Nov 6) 

  • from AurorasNails Purple Giveaway (till Nov 10) 

  • from PolishInsomniac 500 followers giveaway (till Nov 15) 

  • from Beautopia Win Apothica Gift Card (till Nov 14) 

  • from GildedNails Giveaway Rescue Beauty Lounge (till Nov 15) 

  • from Xsparkage China Glaze Naughty or Nice Giveaway (till Nov 11) 

  • from EmeraldSparkled 1000 followers giveaway (till Nov 15) 

  • from PimpMyNailz My MNY Giveaway (till Nov 18) 

  • from DailyPolish 365 days of polish giveaway (till Nov 19) 

  • from Mon Coin A Moua Quick Giveaway (till Nov 20) 

  • from Painted Lady Fingers Ladies Choice  of Eight Plates Giveaway (till Nov 24)

  • from Witoxicity Giveaway Koh & Co (till Nov 26) 

  • from Nailasaurus 300 follower giveaway (till Nov 27) 

  • from Katrinas Nail Blog Woo Hoo Giveaway (till Nov 28) 

  • from KONADomania 700 followers giveaway  (till Nov 30th) 

  • Check them out & Good Luck!!