Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sephora: Ocean Love Potion

So I finally got the Sephora "Ocean Love Potion" (opaque mediterranean turquoise)  I had had my eyes on for a while. I used the China Glaze "Fast Drying Top Coat" on all nails except the ring finger where I used Seche Vite "Fast Dry Top Coat". Also I used the Orly "Bonder".

I am in love with Sephora "Ocean Love Potion" :)

Also I think I might stick to the China Glaze top coat for a while, reasons (in comparison to my previous top coat which was Seche Vite):
  • nice candy like smell
  • smoother application
  • fast drying
  • it's not thick like Seche-Vite
  • no nail shrinkage, so far
So overall I am very happy with it!!

Thanks for reading & Happy Lacquering!


Erin said...

Can you keep us updated about how the China Glaze top coat holds up? Seche Vite ALWAYS does a huge shrink job on my nails if the polish I'm wearing isn't a glitter or a matte. I've tried a few other top coats, but nothing I love yet.

LacquerObsession said...

will do! :) so far i think it's a good alternative.

LadyLuck27 said...

Thx a lot for the CG Top Coat review, im about to buy it, i just needed this :)

LacquerObsession said...

you're welcome :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

Ocean Love Potion is a really lovely shade.
Thanks for joining my giveaway! Good luck :)