Monday, September 13, 2010

My September Haul

I am really going to have to do a better job at controlling my nail polish related purchases. Take a look at my latest haul.

My Seche-Vite ran out so I decided to give China Glaze's "Fast Forward Top Coat" a chance. Also from China Glaze I got "Ingrid" and "Emerald Fitzgerald" from the Vintage Vixen collection. From Orly I got "Garnet Truth", the Borghese "Serena" Nail Lacquer Mini Kit and a Gold Bond Ultimate "Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer". My favorite part of the haul though, was finding Incoco on sale at my local Walgreens!! So I got "Rose Tea", "Lolita", "Sinderella", "Diva" and "French Manicure: Champagne".  

Since I am very impatient and I had 10 polishes I hadn't tried yet, here's what I did! 

(On my right hand I added the Sephora "Ocean Love Potion", Orly "Old School Orange" and Essie "Damsel In a Dress" that I hadn't tried yet.)

I love the insanity of having 10 different colors :P But I shall be swatching these properly in the next couple of months.

Well I hope you like these!!!

Happy Lacquering my dear readers!!!


Cel said...

That's a nice haul. I know what you mean. I keep saying I won't buy anymore polishes and then as soon as I find a good deal or something new comes out I can't stop myself.

LadyLuck27 said...

*Jumping to Walgreens to get Incoco for $2*
Btw, how good is the china glaze fast forward top coat work on you? Is the same or better than Seche-Vite?

LacquerObsession said...

the Incoco where on the Clearance aisle at San Sebastian's Walgreens :) Good Luck!

LadyLuck27 said...

Mission fail :(

LacquerObsession said...

im sorry LadyLuck

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Great haul. I'm seeing more of those Incoco dry nail applique. I'm not sold on buying some yet though. My nail beds are SO SMALL.

LacquerObsession said...

my mom and sister have the same problem :/ If i try them out on their nails I'll post it up! :)