Sunday, July 4, 2010

Contest Winner!!!

I am proud to announce the winner for my first giveaway!

The sreenshots:

Congrats Marie!!!! I shall be sending the email shortly :) 

After sending the email .. if it is not answered in 48 hrs (cause it's 4th of July weekend) I will draw another winner.

Thank you all for participating and spreading the word!!! **hugs**

Thanks for reading & Happy Lacquering!!


paintedladyfingers said...

Congratulations, Marie!

Öykü said...

Shoot, I was that close :(

LacquerObsession said...

there shall be more giveaways Oyku :) thanks for participating!!

Ivana said...

Congratz!!! You lucky girl. :)

Marie said...

Ohh! I am soo excited! Thanks a million. I can't wait to get my new polish. :D