Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a couple giveaways to check out

I have these on my sidebar but since most of you probably just have my RSS feed I decided to post these on a blog also :)

*from Sweet Sugar Win Catrice & Essence Polishes (till June 30th)

*from EnamelGirl My First Giveaway (till June 30th)

* from Kelliegonzo Birthday Giveaway!! (till June 30th)

*from Cosmetic Cupcake 50 Followers Giveaway! (till July 1st)

*from Bec's Beauty Buzz: Konad Giveaway!! (till July 2nd)

*from Tips on Nails Another Small Giveaway (till July 4th)

*from Concrete & Nail Polish Reader Appreciation Giveaway (till July 11th)

*from Babbling Brooke Big 2nd Bday Giveaway! (till July 14th)

* from Kittyluvscolor Because I Luv You Giveaway (till July 16th)

* from Parokeets Summer is here giveaway (till July 18th)

*from Nailtalez BundleMonster Plates Giveaway (till July 19th)

*from Painted Lady Fingers
Nubar California Dreamin' Giveaway (till July 21st)

*from Susie KISS giveaway (till first week of August)

And remember to enter my giveaway & spread the word (till July 3rd) My First Giveaway! Enter to win 4 China Glaze!

Thanks, Good Luck & Happy Lacquering!!
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PS: If you have a giveaway you'd like for me to post on my sidebar leave me a comment or tweet me(@L_Obsession) & i'd gladly spread the word!

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