Sunday, November 22, 2009

LadyGaga Paparrazi NAILS :)

These nails look very interesting & i'm still trying to figure out what they have exactly :P
Take a look below: (click on the image to view them larger)


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What do you think?


Mai said...

It kind of looks like Marilyn Monroe's face, so maybe Minx?

Polish Hoarder said...

Forget her nails! [gasp. Did that just come out of MY mouth?!] She is kissing Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood! I'm so jealous! :)

jarc said...

Yes I was thinking the same thing. Marilyn Monroe :)

LacquerObsession said...

@ Polish Hoarder: lol :)

@Mai & Jarc: yup Monroe seems to be what most people think .. although someone on my twitter suggested old fashioned barbie .. and it could even be GaGa herself since the mickey mouse outfit above, has her face in the print :P

Tabula Rasa,,, said...

mmm Askars... That's who my eye was first drawn to as well. I agree that it could be MM, but on first glance it looked like a scary skull face. Maybe I was influenced by the watermark :P? Perhaps Gaga wanted it to be both of these things, like lose optical illusions of a pretty lady/old hag. Another thing that the image reminds me is of Madonna as Breathless Mahoney.