Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blue on Blue

A cute one:

I used China Glaze "For Audrey" with a stripe of Sally Girl "Surf's Up"


Green + Glitter + Matte

This one I had a hard time getting a good picture of :(

I might recreate and take some more soon because these pictures don't do it justice.

The Materials:

from left to right: Orly "bonder" + Orly "Mint Mojito" + Orly "Enchanted Forest" + Orly "Prisma Gloss Silver" with China Glaze "Matte Magic"
(side note: I got Orly "Prisma Gloss Silver" at a giveaway from VampyVarnish a while back. Thanks girl I've used it alot!)

End Product:

A very unfocused picture.

The dress matches the nails :)

My skullcandy & BlackBerry made the pic too!

Can you tell what my fave color is? lol!

Thanks for looking!

matte attack!

Here's some of the recent mattes I've tried:

China Glaze "Atlantis" with China Glaze "Matte Magic" (I LOVE this one!!)

Orly "Poison Apple" & China Glaze "Matte Magic"

Orly "Purple Velvet"


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Inspired by Jennifer's Body

As the title says, I was inspired by Jennifer's mani in the movie. Of course as soon as I got home I gave it a try :)

The materials:
Sinful Colors "black on black" & MK Signature "hot pink fuchsia"

End Product:


Thanks for taking your time to look :)


Here's one I did a while back.

What I used:
from left to right: Palladio base coat, Sinful Colors "back to black", Morbid "Neon Pink", MK Signature "hot pink fuchsia", Poshe "super-fast drying top coat".

I'm no longer using that base coat, I've switched to Orly "Bonder" instead. Sinful Colors "back to black" is a very nice & cheap creamy black. I love the Morbid Neon's plus they glow in black light. MK Signature no longer makes nail polishes, but you might be able to find some still available through the web. Lastly, a great top coat by Poshe.

(Note: I used the MK "hot pink fuchsia" first then went over it with the Morbid "Neon Pink" because the neon's a very translucent.)

The end product:


Orly "Calypso Breeze" & MAC "On the Prowl"

MK Signature "hot pink fuchsia" & MAC "On the Prowl"

Thanks for looking!

PS: sorry for the low quality pics, I'll be taking the new one's with the camera instead of the cell phone :)



I've been meaning to put up a blog to share my lacquer obsession and here it is. I shall post some stuff really soon. :)